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Welcome to The Car Lab Auto Repair Center in Dubai, your premier destination for specialized Land Rover repair and maintenance services. Our dedicated team of certified technicians utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic tools and equipment to meticulously diagnose and address any issues your Land Rover may encounter.

Recognizing the significance of a well-maintained Land Rover, our state-of-the-art facility and customer-focused approach establish us as the preferred choice for Land Rover owners in Dubai seeking top-notch care for their vehicles.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or intricate repairs, trust our expertise to ensure your Land Rover operates seamlessly for many years to come.

Land Rover Repair Workshop: Expert Solutions for Mechanical and Electrical Issues

Our focus revolves around ensuring your Land Rover repair and maintains its exceptional performance, reliability, and comfort. We aim to be your one-stop solution for all Land Rover repairs and maintenance.

  1. Mechanical Repair: From engine intricacies to brake systems, suspension concerns, or transmission glitches, we possess the expertise and tools to diagnose and rectify problems with precision.
  2. Electrical Repair: Modern Land Rovers boast intricate electrical systems, from advanced infotainment to complex sensor networks. Our specialists are adept at handling tasks ranging from battery replacements and electrical inspections to intricate wiring issues and sophisticated diagnostics.
  3. Routine Servicing: Our service package for Land over repair covers essential tasks like oil and filter changes, brake pad inspections, tire rotations, and more, utilizing high-quality parts and fluids meeting or surpassing Land Rover specifications.
  4. Paint and Body Restoration: Accidents or time can ruin your car’s appearance. Trust us for top-notch painting and bodywork services, whether it’s minor scratches or major collision repairs. With state-of-the-art painting techniques, we ensure a flawless finish, restoring your Land Rover to its original allure.
  5. Upholstery Service: The interior of your Land Rover embodies luxury and comfort. Our skilled upholsterers can refurbish worn seats, carpets, and interior components, offering a variety of materials to match and restore your vehicle’s interior to its pristine condition.


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Fully-Vetted &
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<h3>Land Rover Full Body Paint</h3>

Land Rover Full Body Paint

<h3>Land Rover Interior & Exterior Detailing</h3>

Land Rover Interior & Exterior Detailing

<h3>Land Rover Paint Protect Film</h3>

Land Rover Paint Protect Film

<h3>Land Rover Caliper Painting</h3>

Land Rover Caliper Painting

<h3>Land Rover Ceramic Coating</h3>

Land Rover Ceramic Coating

<h3>Land Rover Paint-less Dent Repair</h3>

Land Rover Paint-less Dent Repair

<h3>Land Rover Upholstery Work</h3>

Land Rover Upholstery Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Mostly Asked By Our Customers

Suspension issues, electrical issues, and fuel pump issues are just some of the problems that you may encounter. If you're having trouble with your car, it's best to take it to a qualified mechanic or dealership for service. They will be able to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

every 15,000 miles Our certified Land Rover technicians in Exton will give you a written quote for any Range Rover maintenance costs and get it done quickly. Then, bring in your vehicle every 15,000 miles for the recommended inspections and replacements, which obviously include oil changes, brake inspections, and tire replacements.

Are Range Rovers Expensive To Maintain? | Land Rover Annapolis Although that's true for some, you may be surprised to learn that Range Rovers are inexpensive to maintain compared to other luxury makes — including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Cadillac. Even when compared to non-luxury brands, the yearly annual Range Rover maintenance cost is solidly average.

Reliability Survey found the Discovery – models made between 2017 and the present day – were the most likely to break down after quizzing owners. The survey asked owners of cars aged up to five years old whether their car had gone wrong in the past two years.

Within the Land Rover Service schedule there are 3 main, different services referred to as A, B and C services. An A Service is a minor service, a B Service is a medium service and a C service is more of a major service. The service schedule cycle is as follows: 12,000kms/6 Months – A Service.

When you bring your car to The Car Lab Auto Repair Center you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in professional hands. We take every possible step to ensure that your experience with us is efficient and plesent.

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