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Upholstery Work

The interior of your car plays a significant role in the overall driving experience, and maintaining its appearance and comfort is crucial.

At The Car Lab Auto Repair Center in Dubai, we offer top-notch car upholstery work and services, catering to a variety of needs, from repairing minor damage to complete interior overhauls.

Our skilled craftsmen specialize in working with various upholstery materials, ensuring your vehicle’s interior is revitalized and looks as good as new.

Our Car Upholstery Services:

At The Car Lab Auto Repair Center, we provide a wide range of car upholstery work services to meet your specific needs:

Seat Repair and Restoration:

Our expert technicians can repair rips, tears, burns, or other types of damage to your car seats. We work with various materials, including leather, vinyl, and fabric, to restore your seats to their original condition or even give them a fresh new look.

Headliner Repair and Replacement:

A sagging or damaged headliner can make your vehicle’s interior look unsightly and can also be a safety hazard. Our team can repair or replace your headliner, giving your car a clean and polished appearance.

Carpet and Floor Mat Replacement:

Over time, your vehicle’s carpets and floor mats can become worn, stained, or damaged. We can replace them with high-quality materials that match your car’s original design, ensuring a cohesive and fresh interior look.

Door Panel Repair and Replacement:

Our craftsmen can repair or replace damaged door panels, restoring their appearance and functionality. We work with a variety of materials and finishes to ensure a perfect match with your car’s existing interior.

Dashboard Repair and Restoration:

Cracked, faded, or damaged dashboards can detract from your vehicle’s overall aesthetic. Our team can repair or restore your dashboard, returning it to its original condition or upgrading it with new materials and finishes.

Custom Upholstery Work Services:

If you’re looking to give your car a unique and personalized touch, our custom upholstery work services are the perfect solution. Our skilled technicians can create custom designs, patterns, and color combinations to suit your individual style and preferences.

Why Choose The Car Lab Auto Repair Center for Car Upholstery Work Services:

There are several reasons to trust The Car Lab Auto Repair Center in Dubai for all your car upholstery work needs:

Expert Craftsmanship:

Our team of skilled technicians has years of experience working with various upholstery materials, ensuring that your vehicle’s interior is handled with the utmost care and precision.

Quality Materials:

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your car’s interior is not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting.

Attention to Detail:

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle’s upholstery is handled with precision and care.

Customer Satisfaction:

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we work diligently to ensure that you are delighted with our car upholstery work services.


  • Free Car Body Inspection
    Free Car Body Inspection

    We provide a free Car Body check as part of our services.

  • Instant Price Quotes
    Instant Price Quotes

    We provide the most competitive pricing for our services and ensure that there are no hidden charges.

  • Experienced & Qualified <br> Bodyshop
    Experienced & Qualified

    Our Bodyshop team is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of auto repair

  • Pick-up & Delivery
    Pick-up & Delivery

    We provide pick-up and delivery services across the UAE for your convenience.

  • Repair Warranty
    Repair Warranty

    Our work is backed by a warranty
    for your peace of mind.

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